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Healthy for Life, clinical worker

My name is Shelley Williams and I am the Healthy for Life clinical worker at VAHS. I have been working in this position since June 2009 and been working towards the main aims of the Healthy for Life program, getting to know the new VAHS workforce and re-getting to know some of the old ones.


Health Record Diary (HRD)

This is a new idea that I developed as a way for people to keep all their important health information in one spot, and an interchangeable diary to keep track of their appointments. I got the idea looking at the blue books that babies have to keep track of their growth and immunizations. Basically it functions very much the same way, only it is for any one past the baby age.

Having your health details all recorded into your own Health Record Diary that you own and control and keep with you, means no matter where you travel or what health provider you go to you will have the information ready and available. Information such as your address, phone, next of kin, Medicare number, health care number, current medication list, basic health summery and any other information that a Hospital or Health provider might ask for would all be in your HRD.

There is also a diary to put your appointments and other important dates into. And the HRD is made so you can put things in and take them out easily, that way when your information changes or your diary runs out it can be replaced.

If you want more information about the HRD contact Shelley on (03) 9419 3000

If you want a HRD see your Aboriginal Health Worker, Doctor, the medical reception or Shelley Williams at the Health Service.

The John .H. Mc Guinness memorial dental caravan

As part of outreach, specialized medical screening and health promotions, I have been re-fitting the "John .H. McGuinness memorial dental caravan" into a Mobile medical treatment room

Due to lack of funding to our Dental area the caravan has been off the road for many years and the caravan has mostly been in storage.

The caravan is now road worthy and registered. The interior has been gutted of its dental equipment and refurbished to make it a Mobile medical treatment room.

The caravan was named in memory of uncle Johnny Mc Guinness, who was a much loved and respected elder in our community and long time Dental Mobile driver and VAHS employee. In respect to uncle Johnny the name will remain even if the caravan is no longer a dental mobile.

When you see the caravan out and about make sure you drop in and say hello and see what we are up to!!

That's all for now folks, but will up-date this section when something else interesting happens.