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Nominations Open for VAHS Directors

The Board of Directors of The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Co-operative Limited (VAHS) informs all active members that the date for the Annual General Meeting is Sunday 17 December 2017, and accordingly invites nominations of candidates as Director. There are five Directors positions to be elected; four of these are due under the normal cycle of rotation and the fifth is due to a resignation of one of the three Directors elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Attached is a Nomination Form. This Form must be signed by two (2) active members. The Form includes a section that must be completed describing details of the qualifications and experience of the person being nominated and length of any previous service with VAHS or any other co-operative. The candidate nominated must accept in writing and sign the Nomination Form. For a nomination to be valid, the completed Nomination Form must be returned no later than close of business on Wednesday 22 November 2017 to: The Company Secretary, The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Co-operative Limited, 186 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy 3065. The Board is required to communicate the duties and responsibilities of Directors. Accordingly, the enclosed Document A provides relevant extracts from the VAHS Charter of Corporate Governance adopted by the Board of Directors. Members who might be interested in being nominated should carefully review the document's explanation of the duties and responsibilities of VAHS Directors. The Board is also required to inform members of the nomination and election procedures. Accordingly, the enclosed Document B provides an explanation taken from the VAHS Constitution of the nomination procedures and the election procedures. Members who might be interested in being nominated should carefully review this document's explanation of these procedures. Additionally, VAHS is required by several of its Accreditation Standards for all elected Directors to have completed a current "Working with Children Check" and the "National Police Check". General information on "Working with Children Check" is enclosed together with a consent form to undergo a Police Check. To ensure VAHS remains compliant with these obligatory Standards, active members being nominated as a candidate for election as a Director are asked to obtain a Working with Children Check and send a copy of this together with the completed consent form when they submit the Nomination Form. Some active members may have changed their postal or residential address since they originally lodged their membership application, and may not have informed VAHS of their current address. This would mean that the nomination documents would be mailed to an out-of-date address and would probably be returned to VAHS unopened. To try to communicate effectively with all active members, this advice regarding nomination as a candidate for election as a Director has been uploaded to our website, together with the Nomination Form and accompanying documents so that they can be downloaded, printed, filled in and returned by interested active members. Jimi Peters Chairperson 1st November 2017 Key Documents Director Nomination Form (1 Nov 2017) Document A Duties and Responsibilities of Directors Document B Nominations and Election Process for Directors (1 Nov 2017) Police Check Consent form Working with Children Check Information

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